How I Became A Successful Comic Artist

Some people think that growing up means leaving all boyish ways behind. But, on the contrary, one of the best things about becoming an adult is that you can take the things that you could only dream or imagine about as a boy and bring them to life. That is my line of work.

Comics industry is growing at a rapid rate drawing very many people’s attention. However, becoming a comic artist is not always easy as you may think. It takes more than just the willingness to do so. As for me, I would say comic was my passion and before I knew it, I was an artist. When I was a young boy, my dad could buy me Superman comic books and so thee interest was always there. However, what really sparked the fire for me was an issue with X-Men, which had Black Widow, Captain America, and Wolverine teaming up and was drawn by Jim Lee. The art was dynamic and interesting; I remember thinking tom myself, “wow…so comic is this cool?” before that, I was a casual comic reader but after that I became a regular reader and no story could pass me by. I used to follow artists more than comic characters and by the time I was 14 years of age, I had already fallen in love in comic and made it my lifetime mission to become a comic artist.


I went to a comic drawing school to hone my skills as an artist, learning the basics and focusing on anatomy, storytelling, and figure drawing as well. That was a good start for me. There are numerous books available on comics and they really helped me. One thing you need to know is that this part of being a comic artist does not stop as you need to continue on learning how to make yourself a better artist. As a comic artist, you need to know how to draw almost everything. After all, you want your story to seem real. Early on my career, I focused on improving as an illustrator, but I later focused on story telling. The ability to do both is helping me a lot in this industry.


One thing I can tell anyone willing to join comic industry is that there are skills that are a key to success. Just like any other industry, there are things that you need to consider before joining this industry. Some of them include:



When I say technique, I do not refer to a specific technique that is common; I refer to the artistic technique that separates an artist from someone who doodles on spare sheets of paper. A good comic book artist knows rendering, shading, how to use lighting as well as the angle of light properly, how to draw the bodies and represent the body language and facial expressions accurately. To be a competitive artist, you need to have a style that is unique to you. What made me succeed in this field is the fact that I used my unique technique awesomely and blended it with other comic artists’ styles to come up with spectacular results loved by all.


A comic book artist should be able to tell a story. This may sound simple but one thing I realized is that comic is all about illustrating a story in an interesting way, and a comic book needs to follow as a book does. A great story can turn into a comic but if told badly it makes a terrible comic. Regardless of how much romance, action, or violence you put into a comic book, your book must intrigue the reader. There are numerous storytelling styles that you can take advantage of, and so you need to research and choose the one that you fell you can do better in.


Experience is important when it comes to being a comic artist. It is obvious that no one starts off with an experience, but many years of drawing can help you hone your talent. As for me, drawing was my hobby and gained the experience as time moved on, and before I realize it I was so good in comic. I could not believe myself.